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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It’s 12:30 in Buenos Aires so I’ll keep this short, but wanted to post a quick note of where we are and how we got here…

We had a great but seemingly fast visit with family in Chicago.  Brief sojourn to Indianapolis for a math conference (the Flatland team gave a presentation and had a booth), then back to Chicago, then the long flights began.  Because of a great airfare deal Seth managed to pull together, we had a bit of a convoluted way to BA but we made it in the end:

Day 1 – Chicago –> Miami –> Bogota, stay overnight in Bogota

Day 2 – Bogota –> Lima –> Buenos Aires

We’re staying at an apartment that I found on Trip Advisor… after contacting a number of hotels and hostels, this actually turned out to be one of the best deals and one of the safest and easiest.  Our hostess is incredibly friendly and easy going, pointing us in the direction of a delicious empanada joint for dinner, and not seeming to care too much what time we check out when we’re done (“Just email me.”).  She even left us some fresh fruit for breakfast.

We have no real agenda for BA, and I’m really happy about that.  Free to wander the city, explore bookshops, cafes, parks and markets.  At some point we’re hoping to see a soccer game, and some tango dancers, but first we’re going to take in the city and absorb the atmosphere.

I’m pleasantly surprised by how much Spanish I can make out, after my years of living in LA and picking up bits here and there.  But also frustrated by basic words that I have no clue about (how do you say “yesterday”??).  Going to grab a phrasebook at the first bookstore we find.

So, B.A. for 3 days, then to Bariloche (a lakes region in the foothills of the Andes) and then we have nothing planned until we fly to Peru on May 8th…. maybe after Bariloche we’ll fly back to BA, maybe on to Igauzu, or Mendoza, or somewhere we’ve never heard of.  So excited to be in S. America, free, and on the journey!

OH – I uploaded pics from more of our road trip but haven’t had a chance to post about them yet. If you are curious you can check them out at our photo site.  There are pictures from Sedona, Tucson, and White Sands.

Good night from the southern hemisphere!

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  1. Jen permalink
    Thursday, April 21, 2011 9:10 am

    Oh, lady empanadas!!! Commence drooling. But HEY! It’s passover!

  2. Dana Wilson permalink
    Thursday, April 21, 2011 11:54 am


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